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We Deliver!

We Deliver!

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Delivery Methods

We have two delivery methods: DUMP TRUCK and FORKLIFT

Dump Truck

We have two types of dump trucks.  One is a standard dump truck which can deliver dirt, gravel, bulk stone, etc.

The other dump truck has a longer bed and two doors which open on the back.  This truck has multiple uses.  We can still take just soil or river rock and dump it.  However, we can also add other materials to this truck.  For example, if a customer wants a bundle of boulders and a few yards of mulch, we open the back doors, put in the pallet of boulders and push it forward toward the truck cab.  Next we close the doors and dump the mulch over the back.  Once we arrive, we will open up the doors, lift the bed and the material slides out.  The boulders will land on the mulch acting as a cushion.  We do this often with all sorts of material.

The most frequent question we get asked is “will it all break.”  This depends on what you order.  If you order thin flagstone, yes, it probably will!  But most of the time the stone may break up a little or land with nothing at all breaking.  We even deliver flagstone pallets and then put decomposed granite on the back.  The decomposed granite acts as a cushion to the flagstone and it saves you money!

The dump truck delivery fees are all based on location.  The maximum amount of material is 8 tons.


The bigger truck with the forklift is used for material on pallets.  The forklift will take off the material and place it where the customer wants.  This includes boulders.  The forklift is 9 feet wide.  Take this into consideration if you want something in your gated backyard.  Usually a panel and post must be removed for the forklift to reach the location.  This truck can hold up to 13 tons of material.

The delivery fee also depends on location.  It also costs more due to the the extra licenses, DOT numbers, special insurance, and many more things this truck requires.  However, depending on your project, it may be well worth the little extra to have your material placed.  Also remember, we can only deliver material on pallets.  So we can not add on river rock or soil.

CLASSIC ROCK INC.  assumes no responsibility for damages to sidewalks, buildings, driveways, trees, etc. when asked to deliver inside a customer’s property, once our truck or machinery (forklift) has left public roadways.  Customer shall idemnify and hold harmless CLASSIC ROCK INC. for any and all damages/injuries which may result from delivery of materials.


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