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We Deliver!

We Deliver!

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1 ton = 2,000 pounds
1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

1. How do you buy stone?
We sell stone by the weight. Gravels, sands, etc., are sold by the cubic yard.

2. Do I have to buy a whole ton or entire pallet of rocks?
No. You can buy whatever quantity, large or small. If you only need 2 rocks – not a problem.

3. How much rock is on a pallet?
It varies. Usually a full pallet is anywhere from 1.5 tons to 2 tons.

4. How much money is a pallet?
That depends on the type of rock. We have stone from all over (Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado…) so the prices usually depend on the freight charge.

5. How will I know how much I need?
It is always a good idea to come in with measurements. Coverage depends on many variables.   We can help you figure a rough estimate on the amount you will need with the information you provide us.  Showing us photos of an area will not help.  Saying the area you want to cover is from here to there will not help.  We will need actual measurements.  Keep in mind an estimate is an educated guess. 

6. Can I come with a truck and/or trailer to pick up the material myself?
Of course. We sell mulch, sand, dirt, by the pickup load. Also, people will bring whatever vehicle they have and load flagstone or different materials in the car, van, suv…. Just remember, do not come in with a van and expect us to put yards of mulch or dirt in there. It is in bulk and we scoop and dump with a tractor. That goes for pickup trucks with toppers on the back too.  

7. Do you deliver?
Yes. There are 2 options available depending on your needs. We have dump trucks as well as a truck with a forklift on the back. We charge a flat rate based on the town or area your delivery will be going to. The dump truck rates are cheaper than the forklift truck.  

8. How long does it take to receive the delivery once I have set it up?
Depends. We are usually a few days out on deliveries. Sometimes we can do it same day it is ordered.  If you have a difficult delivery, or are far away, it may be a little longer.  During the spring our schedule fills up fast and we can be a week out on deliveries.

9. I am trying to match a stone already at my house, do you have it?
Possibly. When trying to match an existing stone at your house, it is best to bring in a sample. There are so many factors to this. The stone you have has been weathered so nothing will match it exactly. Secondly, stone quarries pick up and move and dig in new areas frequently. So there is no telling if anything will be an exact match because it is a natural product.

10. I only need a few buckets of river rock. Can I do that?
Yes. It is helpful if you BYOB (bring your own bucket)! We have buckets available sometimes, but we often run out. We will have you go down to whatever pile of rocks you want, fill up, and then show us when you are done.  We do not fill your buckets for you.

11. Can I return rock?

NO.  No refunds and no returns.

12.  Will someone load stone in my vehicle for me?

We load your truck or trailer with a tractor only.  If you want anything hand loaded you are the one that will be doing it.  We no longer hand load cars, vans, etc.  If you bring buckets you are responsible for filling them and loading yourself.  If you want 10 pieces of flagstone you will be lifting and loading them yourself.  If you have physical limitations or something is too heavy we suggest bringing help as we will no longer be providing our backs for this service.  Sorry for any inconvenience but after 20 years of loading rock – our bodies are done.      



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